Stock Plastic Tubing Options

Petro Extrusion offers 8 stock plastic product lines, in addition to it’s vast Custom Plastic Extrusion capabilities. We offer 5 lines of Stock Extruded Plastic Tubing, and 3 lines of Stock Plastic Product Shapes.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Our staff is glad to help you find the type of plastic tubing that best suits your need and if a custom plastic tube best fits your specifications, we can help with that too.

9 sizes of stock line Solef® PVDF tubing

PVDF Tubing

We also offers a stock line of PVDF tubing, in 11 stock sizes, supplied in 50’ coils. This tubing offers excellent mechanical properties, along with excellent chemical resistance. It is semi-rigid, and supplied in coil form. Excellent for applications requiring good chemical and corrosion resistance.

Petro’s PVDF tubing is produced meeting criteria for some food contact applications.

4 examples of clear, round polycarbonate (PC) tubing, plus 4 Square Stock PC tubes

PC Stock Tubing

We offer 34 stock sizes of clear, round polycarbonate (PC) tubing, plus 4 Square Stock PC tubes. All are extruded using clear, high-impact FDA Lexan ™ PC and are available from stock, for a wide variety of applications such as air, liquid, or solid transfer.

PC tubing is sold to OEM’s and distributors nationally, for most industrial applications including industrial components, display tubing, food service products, etc.

4 clear and 6 white examples of flexible PVC/Polyurethane Tubing

PVC/Polyurethane Tubing

In addition to the PC & PVDF stock tube lines, PET offers a line of Flexible tubing, in a PVC/Polyurethane alloy compound offering flexibility, along with abrasion resistance, and good chemical resistance. Available in 6 stock sizes, in 100’ coils.