Man on the phone looking at Petro Extrusion website custom ordering

The custom order process for a custom extruded part, be it a profile or a tube, requires that the customer specify the general size requirements for the part, along with tolerance requirements, color specifications, material selection, etc. Once these requirements have been established, the customer is quoted according to the specs, along with any tooling requirements, and special exceptions, if any.

When the customer places an order, we first must determine if it is a profile or a tubing order. If it is a profile order, it must be determined if it is an existing tool, or a new tool job. If it is an existing tool job, then we would process the order specifying the material selection, the color, length, part size, and packaging requirements.


If a new tool is required, then we must process the PO to include copies that would go to engineering, as well as production, so that the new tooling construction can commence as soon as engineering received the order. The tool order is processed, and the new tools are designed and built as called for by the engineer designing the tooling.

Once the new tooling is completed, the job goes to the production line, to be tested. Once any necessary adjustments are made to the tooling, and the part is deemed to meet all the specifications, samples are produced, and sent to the customer for final approval. Upon approval by the customer, the order then goes to production scheduling, to be put in line for production delivery.

On a custom tubing job, the process is basically the same, except that generally, on tubing jobs, we do not need to sample the customer on the new part, so long as it meets all the requisite specifications.

For existing tubing jobs, where tooling is not required, the quotation process is the same, but the tube order would simply be processed as a standard tube size, or repeat order, which would then go to production to be extruded according to the delivery schedule required.

Some jobs require post-extrusion fabrication. These operations are described on the order that goes to production, and they are scheduled in after the extrusion is complete, based on the specification requirements.

Once orders are complete, and are given final approval by QC, the order is shipped based on the customer’s shipping designations, and the order is then invoiced.