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Custom Ordering Process

The custom order process for a custom extruded part, be it a profile or a tube, requires that the customer specify the general size requirements for the part, along with tolerance requirements, color specifications, material selection, etc. Once these requirements have been established, the customer is quoted according to the specs, along with any tooling requirements, and special exceptions, if any.

When the customer places an order, we first must determine if it is a profile or a tubing order. If it is a profile order, it must be determined if it is an existing tool, or a new tool job. If it is an existing tool job, then we would process the order specifying the material selection, the color, length, part size, and packaging requirements.

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Clear plastic profiles resting on blue background

Common Uses for Plastic Channels

Plastic channels are used in a variety of applications ranging from industrial use machine rail guides or protectors (Nylon, PVC, PC, PE, PP, ABS), to pool liner clips (PE), price tag moldings (Acrylic, PC), and decorative edge trims (Acrylic, PVC, Nylon).


Used for applications requiring high impact resistance, smooth surface quality, and colorability. Polycarbonate has excellent surface smoothness, with a glossy finish. Typical profiles include pricing channels, corner protectors, and edge trims.


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2 plastic extrusion molds behind green, red, blue, black, and white polymeric compounds

How Plastic Is Extruded

Plastic is extruded by melting polymeric compounds, forced through a die opening, at the front end of the extruder, by way of a melt and transfer screw conveyance system.

The process begins by adding a specific raw material compound, as dictated by the job specifications, into a hopper located above the screw opening at the rear of the extruder. The screw, and barrel that contains the screw, are heated, and melt the polymer in a gradual staging process, as the screw moves the material forward toward the front of the extruder.

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