Stock Plastic Profile Shapes

We offer 4 Stock Plastic Profile lines with over 30 in-stock shapes available. Our plastic product lines offer a variety of materials for strength, wear resistance, and price points. If you need help choosing the right plastic profile line for your application, contact us. Our sales staff can assist you in determining if the product you need is available from stock, or if you need to consider a custom product.

8 different types of Nyla-Glide GR stock plastic profile shapes resting on a blue background

Nyla-Glide GR™

Our Nyla-Glide GR™, mds-filled Nylon 6 channel line contains 15 stock C & U shape channels, for various wear and edge trim applications. The added wear resistance of the mds-filled Nylon offers better mechanical properties than standard nylon 6 and provides heat resistance.


  • Conveyor rail protectors
  • Industrial Rail Guide Covers
  • Edge Trims
  • Auger Covers
  • Elevator Wear Guide Strips
7 acrylic stock plastic profile shapes resting on blue background

Acrylic Stock Profiles

Our Stock line of Acrylic profile shapes, offers 4 different Z-Bar and W-Bar shapes, in both General Purpose Acrylic, and Impact modified Acrylics. In addition to these Channels and Slat-Wall shapes, we also offer 2 Stock Hinge designs, also from stock, in 6 ft lengths.


  • Retail Containers
  • Bulk Food Bins
  • Durable Hinge applications
  • Slatwall Assemblies
6 polycarbonate stock angles and channels resting on a white background

PC Angles & Channels

Our Polycarbonate Stock Angles and Channels line of 6 PC shapes, offer edge trims and U-channels that can withstand impact and offer clarity, while protecting wall edges, furniture, and industrial equipment.

Also sold for both OEM applications and through distributors nationwide.


  • Furniture
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Wall Edge Protection
6 black Stock Plastic Profile PE Stock Channels in a half circle

PE Stock Channels

Extruded from economical LDPE, these profiles are available in sizes to cover 1/8″ up to 3/8″ thicknesses.

2 clear coextruded thermoplastic living hinges on a grey background

Living Hinge™

Petro’s Living Hinge™ is a continuous, coextruded thermoplastic hinge combining Impact-Modified acrylic wings for toughness with a polyester thermoplastic hinge membrane for full flexibility and long life.