Layflat Tubing

Petro now offers unique custom extruded layflat tubing.

Available in a variety of flexible thermoplastic materials including flexible PVC, PVC/Urethane, Polyurethanes, and TPR grades (Kraton™, Sarlink™, Santoprene™), this tubing can be supplied in custom cut lengths, or roll or coil form. Suitable for sheathing and liquid flow applications, Layflat Tubing is designed for manufacture to strict individual customer specifications.

▇  Layflat tubes are extruded and available in a variety of materials including Flexible PVC, Polyurethanes, TPR’s, PVC/PUR, Single and Co-Extrusion products.
▇  Wall thicknesses as thin as .010” – .012”
▇  Diameters from ½” up to 10”
▇  Clear or Custom Color Availability
▇  Printing on OD surfaces in White or Black inks
▇  Tubing available in coil, roll, or cut lengths (depending on diameter and overall layflat width)

Custom extruded layflat tubing