PETRO Nyla-Glide GR™ extruded nylon channels feature outstanding mechanical and thermal properties – the result of adding Molybdenum Disulphide (MDS) to unmodified Nylon 6 during the manufacturing process.


MDS modified Nyla-Glide GR profiles are best suited to protect conveyor rails, beds and products from sliding surface friction. Also excellent as striker plates and liners, these profiles require no lubrication to lessen friction.

Maximum continuous temperature is 225°F. Color is dark gray.


Download or Print our Nyla-Glide Profile Spec Sheet

This enhanced nylon material offers many advanced qualities:

Superior Wear Resistance

Nyla-Glide GR wears longer than unfilled nylon and in many cases outwears metal. In addition, these profiles are not vulnerable to corrosion.

Superior Heat Resistance

Nyla-Glide GR profiles resist high heat distortion, to temperatures over 200°F.

Superior Surface Lubricity

Nyla-Glide GR is the ideal material to use when lubrication is undesirable or impractical.

Superior Dimensional Stability

Nyla-Glide GR maintains better fits and clearances because its linear coefficient of expansion is less than that of unmodified nylon materials.

Superior Strength and Rigidity

Nyla-Glide GR profiles have greater tensile and comprehensive strength. The elastic modulus is increased more than 40%, making them more resistant to deformation under load.

Cut Lengths NOW Available


This tough, wear-resistant material can now be ordered in custom-cut lengths to meet varying application requirements. Lengths can be cut to as little as 1″ or less. These parts are run on a made-to-order basis and are not available from stock. Customs colors are also offered.

Whether your specifications call for finished cut parts or coiled lengths, Nyla-Glide profiles from PETRO meet the challenge.

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1″ Profile Also Offered

Close up of Grey Nyla-Glide GR 1″ profile for protecting metal conveyor rails

This Nyla-Glide GR 1″ profile is designed to protect metal conveyor rails ranging in size from 1/16″ to 3/16″ thick. This larger size provides a greater coverage area than smaller channels. Available in 100 ft. coils, color is silver/gray.